The 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences communicates about 3Rs-developments, for example by taking interviews with researchers. Within Utrecht University (UU) and University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU), many research groups are actively engaged in developing (innovative) methods for the reduction, replacement or refinement of animal experiments. This series of interviews with researchers gives an idea about the driving forces and future prospects of their research.

Jan Langermans.jpg
Dr. Nynke Kramer
Prof. dr. Majorie van Duursen
Dr. Bart Spee and organoids
Dr. Remco Westerink
Saskia Kliphuis, MSc
Prof. dr. Ronette Gehring
Manon Beekhuijzen
Stress-free stress measurement with the infrared camera
Dr. Claudia Wolschrijn
Mira van der Naald
Dr. Hein van Lith
Annick van den Brand
Yvonne van Zeeland
Marsha Reijgwart
Cyrille Krul
Dr. Hazenberg
Verheije en Weerts
Mirjam Duijvestijn
Replacing, reducing, and refining animal use in breast cancer research
Saskia Redegeld
Dr. Simon Mastbergen
Remco Westerink
Alblas & Robin
Aldert Piersma