5 February 2020

Self-determination on gender identity is important for everyone

Gender reveal kaarten met tekst "How I wonder what you are"

Marjolein van den Brink, Lucia van der Meulen and Lorena Sosa, all from Utrecht University, wrote a blog post in reaction to Caroline Franssen’s opinion piece published last week by newspaper Trouw.

Franssen critiqued Minister Dekker’s proposal to change the Dutch gender-identity law to eliminate the need for an expert statement before changing one’s gender. She suggested in her opinion piece in Trouw, that this would threaten women’s rights and safety. The proposal to change the law is a result of the evaluation of the Trans Act that Van den Brink and Snaathorst carried out in 2017, on behalf of WODC.

The reaction piece, entitled 'Self-determination on gender identity is important for everyone', can now be found (in Dutch) on the website of the 'Nederlandse Juristenblad'.

Or on the Dutch side of the Utrecht University website.