8 March 2019

Linda Senden: "Women can only get to the top with quotas"

Prof. mr. Linda Senden. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. Linda Senden LLM. Photograph: Ed van Rijswijk

Last week Prof. Linda Senden LLM (International and European Law) spoke in the Volkskrant (7 March), Algemeen Dagblad (8 March) and Binnenlands Bestuur (8 March) about the gender quota and the controversial target law.

The Dutch target law runs until 2020 and should lead to at least 30% women as directors and commissioners in large companies.

According to Linda Senden and Mirella Visser (strategic advisor to the Dutch Women's Council), the target figure law flopped. It is high time for tougher measures to get more women to the top, according to Senden.

The fundamental problem with the target law is that it lacks the hands and feet needed to really tackle the under-representation of women.
Prof. mr. Linda Senden. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk

What to do next?

Senden believes that a gender quota in the Netherlands is necessary. It would help "if the government itself sets a good example by extending the target to the government and the public sector. That is not the case. Then you have a credibility problem.'''

Gender and Diversity Hub

Linda Senden is part of the core team of the Gender and Diversity Hub of Utrecht University. The hub joins forces with societal partners to solve complex gender and diversity issues, as well as to develop strategies for implementing diversity in order to achieve societal inclusion and change. The Gender and Diversity Hub is part of research expertise area Institutions for Open Societies.