“In Ukraine not one conflict is being fought, but five simultaneously”

Jolle Demmers speaks in Flemish Parliament at presentation of annual report of Flemish Peace Institute

The previous content of this article has raised a lot of controversy and, as Utrecht University, we take this very seriously. 

This article was based on a lecture by Jolle Demmers. As a result of the criticism received, we came to the conclusion that this short text did not do justice to the full argument Demmers tried to make in her lecture. In consultation with Demmers, the content of the article was therefore modified several times, and on April 26 it was decided to remove the text. The full lecture can be viewed here (in Dutch). In her lecture, Demmers explains why it is so difficult to make an analysis of the war in Ukraine. For more context, please see the Dutch version of this article.

Watch Jolle Demmers' full lecture

Comment 25 April 2023

When different scholars do research and have expertise on a given topic, they may draw different academic conclusions and choose different wording.

The university believes that different views, conclusions, wording, and nuances contribute to scientific and public debate. Indeed, that debate is now being conducted through different channels.