FAQ Skipping a class or withdrawing from a course

1. I would like to inform you that I need to skip a class. How/where can I do this?

Of course, it is possible that you need to skip a class due to illness or other obligations. Please be sure to report this beforehand by calling us at 030 253 8448 or by sending a mail to receptie.parnassos@uu.nl

2. I think the level of the course is either too high or too low for me. Can I still change to a different course?

If you already started a course but get the feeling that the level is either too high or too low for you, please report this to the course administration as soon as possible. You and the teacher will then discuss whether this is indeed the case. If the teacher agrees with your assessment, the course administration will try to help you find a different course more suited to your level of expertise.

3. I would like to withdraw from a course that has already started. Is that possible and will I get a refund?

If a course has already started, a refund of the participation fee is only possible if the reason for withdrawing is of a medical nature. Be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions you agreed to when registering for the course. It includes a clause that deals with withdrawing from a course. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact the course administration.

Compliments and complaints

Are you satisfied with our services or one of our courses? We would love to hear about it! But even if you are not satisfied we appreciate your feedback. Only your detailed criticism or complaint will allow us to take steps toward improvement. We take all complaints seriously and will immediately see what we can do to resolve the issue. Complaints and compliments can also be sent to the course administration. Do you have a complaint about a specific course? Be sure to report this to the teacher as well, so he or she can address the problem immediately.