Sustainable Labour Market

We are struggling with increasing staff shortages in healthcare and education. At the same time, unemployed people over the age of 50 hardly get hored. How can we achieve a more balanced and sustainable labour market? Researchers from Utrecht are study this issue from different angles.


bureau met pc, tablet, smartphone
5 August 2019
The Future of Work Hub starts a large-scale study within the central government into the influence of digitisation.
30 July 2019
Prof.dr. Joop Schippers copublished a book about self-employment.
12 July 2019
Summary of the meeting about the subject of the future of work at the Dutch Railways
Future of work man legt iets uit met handen, voor laptop en schrift en telefoon
26 June 2019
Important findings and results of the Sustainable Workforce project, led by Tanja van der Lippe of Utrecht University, are now available in book.
Tanja van der Lippe
20 June 2019
Her European research into investments in a sustainable workforce is scientifically innovative and has great social relevance.


Labour economy and 'the human side of bits'
Sociology, Work Life Balance
Motivation and well-being, work engagement, technology
Interaction between the labour market and housing market, labour and health(care), absenteeism, regional labour markets
Gender issues at work
Labour market issues, emancipation, freelancing
Psychology and work
Strategic Human Resource Management
Labour Law and Social Security
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Social networks, diversity
Employability, older workers, technology