Sustainability programme

The aim of the sustainability programme is to accelerate sustainability within the university's operations and its internal and external communication. The programme will run alongside the existing Utrecht Sustainability Institute and the strategic research theme of Sustainability.

Mission and vision

The programme has been established with the following mission and vision:


To be a role model in sustainability performance and conduct


  • Utrecht University aims to integrate sustainability into all its activities
  • The Utrecht University community is visibly and actively involved in this ambition

Themes and target groups

A number of themes and target groups have been identified on the basis of this mission and vision:

Target groups:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • External environment


  • More impact: increasing the impact of the Utrecht Univerity's activities in the area of sustainability
  • Clean environment: sustainable operations with the aim of reducing our CO2 footprint
  • Perception and visibility: what makes a student, staff member or visitor recognise Utrecht University as a sustainable university? How can we demonstrate our position as a role model in the area of sustainability?
  • Transparency: increasing transparency in our reporting and accountability

What wil we work on?

Within these themes, we have established the following topics:


  • Sustainability in education
  • Contribution to science and knowledge transfer. This subject falls under the strategic research theme of Sustainability
  • The impact of Utrecht University as a client
  • The impact of Utrecht University as one of the largest employers in the region

Clean environment

1) CO2 emissions

  • Long-term goal: -50% in 2025
  • Main themes: energy and travel

2 ) Accommodation

  • New building: BREEAM-NL Excellent
  • Existing building: BREEAM-NL Excellent (In Use)
  • Sustainable site management

3) Waste
4) Water
5) ICT
6) Catering

Perception and visibility

  • Participation (involving the community)
  • Image of Utrecht University as a sustainable university
  • Activities and visibility of Green Office Utrecht
  • Internal and external communication relating to all developments and activities connected with sustainable operations, research and education


  • Radiating optimism/self-awareness; we can be proud of our efforts
  • Determining suitable reporting methods, such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • Integral theme of the annual report
  • SustainaBul ambition: Gold