Renovation of Leuvenplein

Leuvenplein is undergoing full renovation, see the design. For example, the paving is being replaced. Additional bicycle parking facilities will be added and the sewer is also being replaced. These measures will improve local quality of life and sustainability. After the renovation, the square will function optimally in all logistical aspects. It will also become a comfortable environment for users to enjoy.

What does the design look like?

Bicycle parking facilities
A bicycle parking facility, which will be covered and partly secure, will be built adjacent to the Marinus Ruppert building. This bicycle facility can be used by employees of Utrecht University. Moreover, new bicycle parking spaces will be added on the square in the form of staple bike racks.

The outdated sewage system will be replaced. This process will take place by means of an infiltration system that allows rainwater to drain into the ground first. Rainwater will therefore stay in the area for longer, which promotes an optimal water balance and facilitates the sustainable use of the rainwater. The traditional storm sewer will remain in place to accommodate water volumes from extremely heavy rainfall.

Greenery Large shrubs and new, mostly native trees will be planted on the square. The selected landscaping plan also includes a wealth of flowering plants. This will improve the biodiversity while also catering to bees and other insects. Several of the current trees will need to be felled to allow for the installation of the sewage system and construction of the bicycle parking facilities. Some of them are in poor condition and need to be felled anyway.

The new road surface will consist of reused concrete granulate. As much of the old paving as possible will be transported to a processing facility, which will then render it fit for reuse.

Most of the parking spaces for cars at Leuvenplein will be eliminated. This also applies to the current parking spaces for the Casa Confetti building. A total of 21 parking spaces will be reinstated for use by Utrecht University. This will create additional space for bicycle parking and landscaping.

Waste containers
Six underground waste containers will be installed near Casa Confetti (3 for residual waste, 1 for paper, 1 for glass and 1 for plastic). Four underground waste containers will be installed near the administration building (3 for residual waste and 1 for plastic).

What does the planning look like?
The work will start in early February 2019. During the work, Leuvenplein will be closed to traffic (with the exception of the emergency services, local and logistical traffic). Diversions will therefore be provided for pedestrians and logistical traffic, see image. The activities will be carried out in phases and will take a total of around six months to complete.

More information, suggestions or ideas
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