Student talent: Nick Bijlsma

Striving to achieve a sustainable society is urgent but complex.
Nick Bijlsma, Master's student of Sustainable Development, features in the 2017 edition of the Sustainable Young 100 list .
Nick Bijlsma

Sustainable Young 100

Nick Bijlsma (22) is included on this year's Duurzame Jonge 100 (Sustainable Young 100), a list of students committed to sustainability. As an ambassador for the Dutch government's Top Sector for Energy, Nick is receiving a Top Talents grant for two years. One of his activities this year will be to organise the Energy Innovation Talks, an event for students and young professionals who have ideas for a cleaner energy supply. As a Living Lab Officer in Utrecht University's Green Office, Nick also helps to get sustainable student initiatives off the ground.

Chess champion

The Master's student of Sustainable Development is passionate about his hobby, chess: chess: he was the Netherlands' youth champion when he was younger. Analytical thinking proves useful for his studies. “Striving to achieve a sustainable society is not only urgent but also very complex.” As a scientist, you have to collaborate with other scientists, with technicians, policy-makers, politicians and ordinary citizens. But that's what makes it so interesting.”

Proud about: The leap in my career from ordinary Bachelor's student to a Master's student with a study grant who features in the Duurzame Jonge 100. And all in the space of a year. Ambition: Progress in sustainability in order to speed up the energy transition now! Source of inspiration: Barack Obama and doctor and statistician Hans Rosling whose videos make major world issues understandable for everyone. Guilty pleasure: Singing along to old pop tracks when alone in my car.