Alexandre Bonvin

Alexandre Bonvin
“I want to understand the foundations of life”

Prof. Alexandre Bonvin is professor of Computational Structural Biology. He researches how biomolecules interact with each other. Biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and lipids are essential to all living organisms. In his research, Bonvin tries to uncover the social life of proteins, or how they recognise each other in order to carry out their work. The form of the proteins plays an important role in this, and these can only be researched using advanced computer models.

“Our computer methods help us develop new medicines”

Bonvin’s computer models provide an insight into the various processes that take place within the body, in minute detail. In this way, his research is the start of a chain process which enables the targeted development of new medications. As the coordinator of the European WeNMR project, Bonvin also ensures that the latest computer models and technologies are made available to fellow researchers around the world. In this way, his fundamental research makes an important contribution to applied science.

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