National Selection Conference of EYP The Netherlands in Utrecht

The Law Faculty of Utrecht University at the Janskerkhof is the stage for the National Selection Conference 2018 of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) on 10 and 11 February.

A hundred students will be divided into groups discussing a European issue and trying to find solutions. They do so under the supervision of fifty young volunteers from all over Europe, alumni from EYP. On the last day, all committees will incorporate their solutions in a resolution and they are discussed during a plenary session. After that, the attendees will vote on it. A jury chooses which students can best participate on behalf of the Netherlands in the European Youth Parliament abroad.

Solutions for sustainability

Logo Nationaal Selectiecongres Europees Jongerenparlement 2018

The theme of this congress is Towards a sustainable Europe, embracing innovation. This will connect the different components as a red thread. The topics discussed by the students are in line with sustainability and experts are invited to debate this topic with each other and with the pupils. The participants are challenged to formulate creative solutions for structural European problems with a view of the future.

Sustainability not only refers to sustainability in the sense of nature and the environment, but also to other difficult problems that require sustainable solutions, such as the alleged European democratic deficit, tax havens or the functioning of the Euro.

Goals of the European Youth Parliament

  • Providing a platform for independent thinking and the development and exchange of personal opinion
  • Stimulating knowledge about Europe and current problems
  • Promoting active democratic citizenship and encouraging understanding of international and cultural differences
  • Contributing to the academic, professional and social skills of European youth