Trui van Lier (1914-2002)

Give up? How could we? These children had nowhere to go.
Trui van Lier
Trui van Lier en Jet Berdenis van Berlekom. Foto: collectie Utrechts Archief / 500295
Trui van Lier (left) welcoming some children. Right, Jet Berdenis van Berlekom. Photo: collection of Het Utrechts Archief / 500295

In May 1940 Trui van Lier stopped her law studies at Utrecht University because she wanted to do something to help children during the war.


She started a crèche for young children, including illegitimate children fathered by German soldiers: Kindjeshaven (Kid's Haven). The crèche grew to become an important temporary refuge for Jewish children for whom no safe address had yet been found.


Right under the noses of the German occupiers, the Kindjeshaven saved at least 150 Jewish children from certain death. In 1994, Trui van Lier was awarded the Yad Vashem title 'Righteous Among the Nations' for her work.

Foto: Trui van Lier - Collectie Het Utrechts Archief - 805106
Trui van Lier with one of 'her pupils: Photo: Collection het Utrechts Archief / 805106