Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is the Future Food Lab?

The central island of the Educatorium Restaurant is the central location of the Future Food Lab. This is an initiative of Utrecht University (by the Green Office and Future Food) and Sodexo, in which the caterer, students, and scientists will all work together towards creating a truly sustainable restaurant. It all begins with the new menu offering you a selection of ‘green’ meals. Students and scientists will then use this menu as a starting point to conduct their research, asking themselves questions such as: “could this menu become even more sustainable?”, or “what would the impact of no longer using disposable crockery be on the restaurant, and the choices of its visitors?” By using research to answer questions like these, we can increase the sustainability of the restaurant one step at a time. The goal: a future-proof restaurant.

Why is this in the Educatorium Restaurant?

The Educatorium Restaurant has enough space to accommodate both the Future Food Lab and the traditional restaurant. Incorporating both formulas in one space allows us to make observations about people’s behavior, and whether they are leaning more towards the sustainable or the traditional options.

What is the goal of the Future Food Lab?

The goal: a future-proof restaurant. In the Future Food Lab, caterer, students and scientists will work together to investigate how they can create a truly sustainable restaurant.

What's in it for me?

You're always welcome to come and enjoy a sustainable meal. We also welcome you to contribute to the Future Food Lab by sharing knowledge, contributing to research or to pitch any ideas. Let the Green Office know through their contact details on top of this page. They would love to hear from you!

How long will the Future Food Lab remain in place?

Research on the food of the future will never finish, and an end date for the Future Food Lab has yet to be determined.

Can I have a say in the menu?

Yes, you can contribute to the menu through the Green Office. See top of this page for contact details.

How can I file a complaint about this project?

You can submit a complaint via the FSC Service Request Form.

How does the Future Food Lab give substance to the concept of sustainability?

We are kick-starting the project with a basic menu that is consistently 100% vegetarian and prepared with as many homegrown and seasonal ingredients as possible. Local2local is an important Sodexo partner that will ensure the sourcing of these ingredients. Also, if there are any ingredients left from yesterday that are still fresh, then we will make something new of them today, as throwing them away would be a shame and would contribute to the excessive food waste problem. As for the construction of the Future Food Lab, no less than 95% of the materials used are second-hand.