Nieuws en Mon, 27 May 2024 07:58:17 +0200 Wed, 13 Mar 2024 13:00:00 +0100 Ted Sanders new Vice Rector of Research As of June 1st, 2024, Professor Ted Sanders will be appointed to the position of Vice Rector of Research at Utrecht University. 138544 Wed, 13 Mar 2024 13:00:00 +0100 Nieuws Suzanne Bogaerds-Hazenberg wins AVT/Anéla Dissertation Award (Former) PhD candidate Suzanne Bogaerds-Hazenberg receives the award for her dissertation ‘Text Structure Instruction in Dutch Primary Education’. 137618 Thu, 08 Feb 2024 17:30:00 +0100 Nieuws Exploring Language and Society with Big Data In Exploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary Discourse Across Time and Space, Haidee Kotze, among others, brings together leading researchers. 135792 Fri, 24 Nov 2023 16:52:00 +0100 Nieuws The jigsaw puzzle of developmental language disorders Premature birth, sleep problems and having a smoking mother have been found to be risk factors in causing developmental language disorders in children. Six Utrecht researchers at different faculties studied this phenomenon. 135849 Wed, 15 Nov 2023 18:02:00 +0100 Nieuws Researchers launch online escape room to get you thinking about Open Science To increase the familiarity of the concept of ‘Open Science’, the team of the Open Science Escape Room project designed the online escape room Last Contact. 134797 Mon, 23 Oct 2023 18:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Ted Sanders visiting professor at Belgian Erasmus Chair In 2023-2024, Professor of Dutch Language Use and Discourse Studies Ted Sanders will head the Desiderius Erasmus Chair of Nederlands over de grenzen at Université catholique de Louvain. 134134 Thu, 12 Oct 2023 14:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Vernacular Books and Their Readers in the Early Age of Print (c. 1450–1600) Vernacular Books and Their Readers, edited by Andrea van Leerdam et al., explores approaches to study European vernacular books and reading practices in the 15th-16th centuries. 134119 Wed, 27 Sep 2023 15:59:00 +0200 Nieuws Speech from the throne not simpler, but more complex than in previous years This year’s speech from the throne was more difficult than those of the previous four years, linguists Leo Lentz and Henk Pander Maat noticed. 133894 Wed, 20 Sep 2023 14:00:00 +0200 Nieuws A simpler speech from the throne is better appreciated and understood Linguistic scientists Leo Lentz and Henk Pander Maat studied the effects of a simpler speech from the throne. To do so, they rewrote the 2022 speech. 133733 Mon, 18 Sep 2023 09:00:00 +0200 Nieuws ‘Een schip vol woorden’ exhibition on display in Utrecht University Library From September, the Taalmuseum’s exhibition ‘Een schip vol woorden’ (‘A Ship Full of Words’) will be on display at the Utrecht University Library. This travelling exhibition chronicles history through the lens of Sranantongo, Suriname’s most commonly spoken language. 139523 Fri, 01 Sep 2023 12:00:00 +0200 Nieuws The interplay of language, law and rules Teachers from the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Law teach together in the new interdisciplinary minor Language, Law and Culture at Utrecht University. 133860 Tue, 15 Aug 2023 15:33:00 +0200 Nieuws Re-presenting Research In Re-presenting Research Florentine Sterk and Merel van Goch take a closer look at popular science texts and communication strategies. 131956 Thu, 06 Jul 2023 13:11:00 +0200 Nieuws Two grants for Frans Adriaans’ research on computer models of language development Linguist Frans Adriaans is a recipient of both the Dynamics of Youth Invigoration Grant and the Human-centred Artificial Intelligence Grant. 131274 Tue, 06 Jun 2023 13:00:00 +0200 Nieuws ERC Consolidator Grant for research into the role of memory in communication Assistant Professor in Linguistics Jakub Dotlacil receives a two million euro ERC Consolidator Grant to build a research group for his Memory Access in Language. 131040 Mon, 29 May 2023 14:00:00 +0200 Nieuws 30 per cent of Dutch citizens find government texts too complex This is according to the ‘Monitor Begrijpelijkheid Overheidstesten’: a study of more than two hundred texts on payments, care and support. 128989 Mon, 27 Mar 2023 08:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Now online: Database with Dutch dialect idioms The Digital Humanities Lab relaunches the ‘Dutch Dialect Idioms’ database, developed by linguists from Utrecht University and KU Leuven. 128124 Mon, 27 Feb 2023 14:03:00 +0100 Nieuws Children with Developmental Language Disorder do catch up partially Researchers Gerda Bruinsma, Ellen Gerrits, and Frank Wijnen (Institute for Language Sciences) found that children did partially catch up upon their delays. 127110 Fri, 10 Feb 2023 10:00:00 +0100 Nieuws Seven NWO Open Competition grants for UU Humanities scholars Seven Utrecht humanities scholars have been awarded research grants for their research projects in NWO’s Open Competition. 127430 Tue, 07 Feb 2023 11:10:00 +0100 Nieuws How did we perceive animals and plants in the Netherlands over the past centuries? Language model GysBERT assists with mapping it out Within AI Labs, Arjan van Dalfsen started an ambitious PhD research in which he uses the latest language models to search large amounts of text. Read the interview here. 127104 Fri, 27 Jan 2023 13:08:00 +0100 Nieuws Lecture Antal van den Bosch and Dong Nguyen: Humanities and Artificial Intelligence Op donderdagmiddag 16 februari geven Antal van den Bosch en Dong Nguyen een lezing over de impact van de recente AI-ontwikkelingen op de taalkunde en de digital humanities. 126821 Tue, 17 Jan 2023 14:18:00 +0100 Nieuws