Nieuws en Wed, 29 May 2024 16:30:17 +0200 Wed, 13 Mar 2024 13:00:00 +0100 Ted Sanders new Vice Rector of Research As of June 1st, 2024, Professor Ted Sanders will be appointed to the position of Vice Rector of Research at Utrecht University. 138544 Wed, 13 Mar 2024 13:00:00 +0100 Nieuws The jigsaw puzzle of developmental language disorders Premature birth, sleep problems and having a smoking mother have been found to be risk factors in causing developmental language disorders in children. Six Utrecht researchers at different faculties studied this phenomenon. 135849 Wed, 15 Nov 2023 18:02:00 +0100 Nieuws Ted Sanders visiting professor at Belgian Erasmus Chair In 2023-2024, Professor of Dutch Language Use and Discourse Studies Ted Sanders will head the Desiderius Erasmus Chair of Nederlands over de grenzen at Université catholique de Louvain. 134134 Thu, 12 Oct 2023 14:00:00 +0200 Nieuws ‘Een schip vol woorden’ exhibition on display in Utrecht University Library From September, the Taalmuseum’s exhibition ‘Een schip vol woorden’ (‘A Ship Full of Words’) will be on display at the Utrecht University Library. This travelling exhibition chronicles history through the lens of Sranantongo, Suriname’s most commonly spoken language. 139523 Fri, 01 Sep 2023 12:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Two grants for Frans Adriaans’ research on computer models of language development Linguist Frans Adriaans is a recipient of both the Dynamics of Youth Invigoration Grant and the Human-centred Artificial Intelligence Grant. 131274 Tue, 06 Jun 2023 13:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Children with Developmental Language Disorder do catch up partially Researchers Gerda Bruinsma, Ellen Gerrits, and Frank Wijnen (Institute for Language Sciences) found that children did partially catch up upon their delays. 127110 Fri, 10 Feb 2023 10:00:00 +0100 Nieuws Jan ten Thije project coordinator Multilingualism & Participation Jan ten Thije will continue to coordinate the project Multilingualism & Participation, to stimulate the participation of international staff and students in representative advisory bodies. 111616 Fri, 19 Nov 2021 13:41:00 +0100 Nieuws Vici grant for Aoju Chen: How do children learn native prosody? Prosody (for example, rhythm and accent) is the first contact that an unborn child has with language, the mother, and the outside world. 105793 Wed, 14 Apr 2021 10:40:00 +0200 Nieuws Ten Utrecht-based researchers receive Vici grant Ten Utrecht based researchers receive a Vici grant from NWO. They will each receive 1.5 million euros. 105644 Wed, 14 Apr 2021 09:00:00 +0200 Nieuws Peter Coopmans appointed administrative coordinator National Platform for Languages Peter Coopmans has been asked to take on the administrative coordination of both the 'Nationaal Platform voor de Talen' and the national project 'Masterlanguage' in the coming years. 100683 Thu, 15 Oct 2020 21:52:00 +0200 Nieuws Enhancing Intercultural Communication in Organizations This book provides a qualitative analysis of the process of consultancy, to prove how intercultural communication can solve issues rising from multiculturalism in organizations and policymaking. 99444 Mon, 14 Sep 2020 06:23:00 +0200 Nieuws Research IT innovation fund for Aoju Chen Prof. Aoju Chen has been granted a Research IT innovation fund for developing an Automatic Analysis of Speech Prosody (AASP) tool. 73427 Mon, 18 Feb 2019 14:42:00 +0100 Nieuws More appreciation for children who text Dr. Elma Blom, an expert in language development, analysed how children between the ages of 10 and 13 use 'textese'. 55309 Wed, 31 Jan 2018 16:05:00 +0100 Nieuws Utrecht researchers in top 20 citations of International Journal of Bilingualism Experts in multilingualism Dr Jacomine Nortier and Dr Elma Blom both are in the top 20 most cited articles of the International Journal of Bilingualism 44425 Fri, 07 Oct 2016 16:03:00 +0200 Nieuws © Marcelle Cole on BBC Radio's Word of Mouth Marcelle Cole made an appearance on the BBC Radio programme Word of Mouth where she spoke about irregular verbs. 39631 Wed, 01 Jun 2016 16:02:00 +0200 Nieuws © Erasmus+ grant for international EDINA project Project EDINA brings together researchers from three different countries in order to improve the education of migrant children. 27599 Mon, 14 Sep 2015 09:44:00 +0200 Nieuws Leo Lentz, Henk Pander Maat and Ted Sanders win award for best article Leo Lentz, Henk Pander Maat and Ted Sanders have been awarded the Outstanding Article Award of the renowned Technical Communications journal. 26657 Mon, 17 Aug 2015 12:53:00 +0200 Nieuws v.l.n.r.: Dr. Henk Pander Maat, prof. dr. Ted Sanders en prof. dr. Leo Lentz Language, Youth and Identity in the 21st Century This volume brings together a team of leading scholars to explore and compare linguistic practices of young people in multilingual urban space. 20607 Thu, 26 Mar 2015 15:28:00 +0100 Nieuws Pronunciation Matters. Accents of English in the Netherlands and Elsewhere In this book, Rias van den Doel and Laura Rupp bring together essays about the most recent research on pronunciation issues. 21589 Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:53:00 +0100 Nieuws Pronunciation Matters - Rias van den Doel and Laura Rupp Alles wat je altijd al had willen weten over taal. De taalcanon Six linguists from Utrecht University contributed to the book that covers all important questions about language. 41769 Thu, 29 Nov 2012 16:06:00 +0100 Nieuws