Newtonlaan 201

Gebouw Rechtsgeleerdheid Newtonlaan 201


Newtonlaan 201, 3584 BH Utrecht, The Netherlands

Postal address: Newtonlaan 231, 3584 BH Utrecht, The Netherlands

The university premises are smoke-free.

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Opening hours

Mon 8:00-1:00
Tue 8:00-1:00
Wed 8:00-1:00
Thu 8:00-1:00
Fri 8:00-1:00
Sat Closed
Sun Closed
For employees, the building is open on weekdays until 10.30 p.m.
This building houses all researchers, teachers and offices of Utrecht University School of Law.


  • Utrecht University School of Law

Getting there

By Public Transport


Nearest bus stop: Rijnsweerd Noord


From Utrecht Central Station: take the bus to Rijnsweerd Noord.


Car park

P+R Utrecht Science Park

From there take bus 28 in the direction of Vleuterweide via Centrum.
Get off at bus stop Rijnsweerd Noord.

Disabled parking space


Location: in the parking garage on the right hand side of the building.

Make a reservation via e-mail.

Accessibility and inclusion


Main entrance

Wheelchair friendly

Location: at the eastern of the building.

Type: large revolving doors and regular automatic door.

Note: the revolving doors turn relatively fast. Please use the doorbel to have the front desk open the regular door.



Location section A: from the main entrance turn right and after 20 meters turn right again. Then after 8 meters take the second door on the left.

Range: 8/8 floors.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible toilet


Location: room 1A.06 on the first floor. Leave the elevator of section A and turn left through the white door. Then turn left around the corner and take the second door on the left hand side.

Note: the connecting doors between the elevator halls are quite heavy.

All-gender toilet

Not present



Location: via the security office. From the main entrance turn right and you will find the office after 30 meters. Tel. 0613034780

Lactation, first aid or quiet room


Lactation room in 5A.10

Location: on the fifth floor. Leave the elevator and turn left and then left again. Then turn right after 5 meters and after another 5 meters take the second door on the left.

Facilities: sink, chair and refrigerator.

Rooms and spaces in this building

Photo gallery

  • The doors of the main entrance of Newtonlaan 201.
  • The lobby and the front desk in Newtonlaan 201.
  • The elevator hall in Newtonlaan 201.
  • One of the elevators in Newtonlaan 201.
  • A hallway typicpal for the Newtonlaan 201 building.
  • One of the two disabled parking spaces of Newtonlaan 201.
  • The lactation room in Newtonlaan 201.
  • The entrance to the bicycle parking of Newtonlaan 201.
  • The accessbile toilet of Newtonlaan 201.