16 November 2018

Universal Children's Day on 20 November

Youth research at Utrecht University

Since 1954, the United Nations celebrate ‘Universal Children’s Day’ every year on 20 November to improve international solidarity, to raise children's conciousness around the world and to improve children's well-being. Dynamics of Youth is an important research theme at Utrecht University that contributes to these topics from various disciplines.

On 20 November 1959, the General Assembly of the UN adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Universal Children's Day offers everyone an inspiring moment to defend, promote and celebrate children's rights. For more information on this, please visit the website of the United Nations.

Youth research at Utrecht University

If you want to tackle social problems, it would be best to start with children. The Utrecht-based research theme Dynamics of Youth invests in a resilient youth. Academics from all fields collaborate in order to learn to better understand child development. How can we help children and youngsters to grow and flourish in our rapidly changing society?

Dynamics of Youth
Animation on research theme Dynamics of Youth.

How does a child grow up?

Academics in Utrecht do research into all kinds of questions on children: How does a child grow up? What is involved in all of that? The combination of all factors that have an effect interacts with many fields of study. The Utrecht-based youth research does not just focus on pedagogy and developmental psychology.

There is also a strong biological side. For instance, brain research is carried out on a molecular level: how does a neuron grow? But there is also research into language and identity, and Geoscientists are focused on (the influence of) the environment in which children are growing up. Law academics look at the laws. Arrangements for parental access are an example of this. There is also research into prematurely-born babies. And at Veterinary Medicine, researchers look at matters such as the importance of playing.