3 April 2018

You will Thank us! 4 reasons to attend the SURF Research Roadshow

SURF Roadshow bus

Somewhere between the last week of May 2018 until the second week of June 2018, the SURF Research Roadshow Bus will park on our University Campus for a day. Take this opportunity to meet SURF employees as well as Research Data Management support employees. There will be short subject sessions to highlight both expertise, products as well as services and projects on research related themes.

What is the Roadshow about?

The roadshow truck tours 10 Dutch Universities in a time span of 3 weeks all across the country.  We will soon announce when the truck will be on Utrecht University Campus. You can apply for one or more sessions that will take part inside the Bus. In case of nice weather there will be seats outside to meet up with the experts.

We came up with one half-day program for researchers and one half-day for ITS / IT staff. The idea is to have 4 sessions of half an hour (with registration), followed each time by half an hour 'meet the experts' on the same subject. Each session covers a different theme and will be presented by an expert from SURF alongside one of our own Research data management experts.

SURF Roadshow bus

Why should you attend the SURF Research Roadshow?

Reason 1: You're working with increasing large or complex datasets.

Learn about real life storage and data transfer solutions you can start using tomorrow. Want to see how national and local infrastructures work together to tackle the data challenges of the future? Utrecht University provides your basic data management services like YODA while SURF provides additional services like SURF data ingest service, data transfer and filesender.

You will learn how Research Data Management support can help you choose the best fit solution for your research demands and budget. Discover how to gain access to your faculty solutions, Utrecht University centralized or nationwide or European infrastructures through SURF. Get to know the experts and challenge them with your data concerns.

Reason 2: You want to know how to co-operate in research across the institutional boundaries.

Do you want to safely share data in a number of different possible scenario's? Sharing your data outside the realm of the University can be a hassle, partly due to issues with account management . The time it takes to transfer your data to a partner site might also be an issue. SURF supplies a number of services that can be included in your data sharing scenario. Like Surfconext and Lightpathways (Netherlight). In addition RDM support can help you create the best suitable set-up combining UU and other data storage solutions in that scenario.

Reason 3: You are trying to cope with privacy sensitive data partially because of new legislation

When handling personal data there are both legal and policy prescriptions to take into consideration. As a researcher you might sometimes feel lost or insecure about how the rules can be applied in real life data handling. Do I need encryption? How do I set up safe storage? What are the costs? Financially and in terms of useability? We can’t promise you will find all the answers you’re looking for, but you will certainly be better informed and know where and how to get the support you need.  

Did you know RDM support offers a free introduction credit programme that lets you use the national super computer for free?

Reason 4 : You need scalable compute power

Did you ever had to wait for your computer or laptop to become responsive again during intensive calculations? Are the limits of your own system inhibiting your research? There are ways to increase your compute capabilities.

Learn all about what cloud solutions or the compute power of SARA's national supercomputer can do for you. Experts are present to show you how to get access to these resources. They will tell you all about the costs and obstacles and how to avoid them.

Like we said: You will thank us!

Keep watching the RDM support page for more news and the exact date.  We hope to see you at the SURF Research Roadshow