8 March 2019

Yannis Velegrakis appointed as Professor of ‘Very Large Data Management’

As of 1 March, Yannis Velegrakis has been appointed as Professor of ‘Very Large Data Management’ at the department of Information and Computing Sciences. His research is focused on Big Data, Information Integration, Data Quality and Dataset Exploration. His work falls well within the Utrecht focus areas of Applied Data Science and Complex Systems, and can help advance the research efforts in the themes of Life Sciences and Sustainability. In Utrecht, he will be forming a research group on Data Intensive Systems.

Velegrakis obtained his doctorate degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto (Canada). For more than a decade, he has been a faculty member at the University of Trento where he has been leading the Database research group. Previously he was working as a researcher at the AT&T Research Labs (USA). Throughout his career, he has spent time as a visitor at the IBM Almaden Research Center (USA), the University of California, Santa-Cruz (USA), the University of Paris-Sud (France), and the Huawei Research Center (Germany).


Complex applications of Very Large Data, the so-called Big Data, arise in science, engineering, medicine, healthcare, finance, business, law, education, transportation, retailing, and telecommunications. The aim of Very Large Data Management is to support users, and in particular data scientists, in managing the massive volumes of data they have available in ways that are more efficient, more effective, and less error-prone. The research in this field drives the development of novel techniques, tools, models, and methodologies that offer expert and non-expert users equal opportunities in data exploitation.