28 March 2018

Library switches to global catalogue

WorldCat: searching for literature on a worldwide, national and global level

Since 20 March 2018 the Utrecht University Library collection can be found in WorldCat. This is a catalogue in which you search for scientific and scholarly sources on several levels. Below you will find information on how to use WorldCat.

Searching worldwide

Scientific and scholarly information can be found all over the world. Utrecht University Library aims at optimally supporting researchers in their global search for relevant literature.

WorldCat makes this possible. You search the collections of thousands of libraries worldwide, including the collections of Utrecht University Library.

When you perform a search in WorldCat you always search on a global level. However, items from the collections of Utrecht University Library always appear at the top of the list of search results. One click and you have access to the licensed material of the University Library.


On a national level

Do you want to search for sources that are available in the Netherlands? Under Library you tick the box Libraries in The Netherlands.

UB WorldCat screenshot nationaal zoeken

Now you will get results from Dutch libraries which have made their collections available in WorldCat. You may find online journal articles, but also e-books or books.

Searching the collection of Utrecht University Library

Do you only want to search the collection of Utrecht University Library? In that case you tick the box Utrecht University Library.


The search results will consist of articles, e-books, books and other materials that are available through Utrecht university Library.

Access to resources found in WorldCat

Your Solis-id (or UMC-account) provides access tot the subscription-based online resources for which Utrecht University Library holds a license. Open access online resources are always available. Want to learn more? Visit the page about online access on the website of the university library.

Books and other physical material from the Utrecht collection can be requested directly in WorldCat. Resources from other Dutch libraries can be requested through Worldcat.

Local catalogue available until August 2018

As a result of the choice to include its collection in WorldCat,  the library will no longer invest in its own local catalogue. The local Utrecht University Library catalogue remains available until August 2018, allowing you a transition period in which to get used to WorldCat.