Workshop: Butterflies in Utrecht Science Park

The small copper, one of the butterfly species present in USP.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the butterfly! During this workshop, in one hour you will get to know the butterfly. You will learn all about the different life stages of butterflies, how many generations there are in a year, why the 'butterfly dip' is no longer in June, which butterfly species you can find at Utrecht Science Park and where the butterfly hotspots are on campus. With this knowledge, you can go butterfly-spotting yourself in the coming months and you will know how to easily attract butterflies at home.

This workshop will be given by butterfly expert Anko de Graaff, manager of microscopy at the Hubrecht Institute.

For whom?

All UU and HU staff and students who want to know more about butterflies! No prior knowledge or preparation is needed. The workshop is free, but we do expect you to participate if you have registered. The working language of this workshop is Dutch.

Date and time: 11 June 2024 10:00-11:00
Location: Heidelberglaan 8 (Green Office – room 0.44)
Entrance: Free
Sign up: You can register through this form.

Biodiversity is an important theme in our education, research and operations. This spring, we are organising a series of activities around biodiversity to introduce as many UU staff and students as possible to nature at Utrecht Science Park and beyond.