22 February 2018

Working on RDM infrastructure together

Illustration of an innovation funnel

Research Data Management Support is engaged in developing a wide range of innovative solutions for and with researchers within as well as outside Utrecht University that might just suit your needs too.

How we develop new services

Developing services for our research customers can be a rocky and unpredictable  journey. There's a model we use to categorise our different initiatives in different stages of development, which is like a maturity model. Starting out with an appealing idea and ending as a managed service. We like to think of it as a kind of funnel. And as a service progresses through the steps in the funnel it matures and gets better defined, supported and eventually managed as a service. 

Learning how to innovate by…just doing it!

The philosophy of experiential learning teaches us that doing is the best way of thinking. Especially when you're heading into new territories. There's simply no other way to find out what works. So by just taking a leap and co-creating solutions together with our researchers we try to innovate and learn what works for us at Utrecht University.

If we can, we incorporate existing applications and proven technology. Taking small steps. Sure we will fail on occasion, so we evaluate and learn from our mistakes.

Examples of ongoing initiatives

Last year we developed the following infrastructure solutions: 

  • A Proof of concept with DataShield on Amazon infrastructure that might serve as a solution for Distributed data research at IRAS.
  • A service which takes a fresh, interactive approach to telling your data story with Shiny, all with R. It will be continued in 2018.
  • A solution for staging large amounts of data with high throughput directly from YODA to the High Performance Computing Facilities at UMC. 


Do you have an idea for an IT solution you want to try, or do you have a problem you need an IT solution for? We can help. Together we can analyse your problem and work out a solution that might benefit your research and other UU researchers. Contact us at info.rdm@uu.nl for more information.