17 May 2018

Working conference Exclusion, Resentment and the Return of the Repressed

PCCA conference

The European Union was built in the shadow of the Holocaust in the aftermath of the war, partly to avoid a repetition of that past tragedy. Was it only a dream or an ideal? Old paradigms are being challenged by events such as Brexit, mass migration, financial instability and terrorist attacks. Feelings of exclusion and inclusion fuel resentment and paranoia which permeate the psyche, identity, culture and politics. What is going on beneath the surface?

'Exclusion, Resentment and the Return of the Repressed. Europe in a Globalized World' is an Experiential Working Conference in the Series of the Past in the Present, of PCCA in collaboration with the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG). Please join us between 30 August-3 September 2018.

PCCA has a long standing tradition in applying Group Relations methods to study societal issues - German and Israeli, Palestinians, West and East Europeans and others globally - through the experience of conference participants, assisted by experienced international staff.

This conference is to be a continuation of this stream and is a unique opportunity to explore these not only what is immediately manifest above the surface, but also affects and fantasies, sources of what is going on in Europe beneath the surface from the past into the present, in an increasingly globalized world.

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