Weekly podcast Klimaat van Vandaag

Concepts in the climate system and climate policy

At IMAU we are all familiar with the concepts of climate change and the Paris Agreement. At the same time we acknowledge that many misconceptions exist when it comes to interpreting the science of climate change and mitigation measures. For instance, while the Paris Agreement is highly relevant to Dutch politics, what it exactly entails can be difficult to grasp.

To clarify this and many more climate-related topics, Mark Dekker and René van Westen have started to publish the weekly podcast Klimaat van Vandaag (in Dutch). Its main purpose is to explain to a broad audience various concepts in the climate system and climate policy.

Episodes of Klimaat van Vandaag can be found in all major podcast apps such as Spotify (open.spotify.com/show/14UsO0vL2LTBSOjXpGAF6m), or follow Klimaat van Vandaag on Instagram and Twitter. Spread the word among your colleagues, friends and family!