Webinar: ‘Who is afraid of gender (diversity)?’

Looking back at the webinar which took place on 12 April

Pride demonstratie met regenboogvlaggen en een transvlag

On April 12 UCERF-researcher Lorena Sosa organized a webinar exploring gender oppositions in different geographical and institutional contexts, seeking to understand the implications of anti-gender movements on legal conceptualisations of gender and gender-based violence, and their impact on the protection of women from all backgrounds and the LGBTI community.

Ivana Radačić provided academic and practical insights on the oppositions taking place in the United Nations arena. Conny Roggeband and Andrea Krizsan focused on the opposition to the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention and its consequences for the politics of violence against women. Francesca Sanders incorporated the perspective of civil society to these discussions, examining how anti-gender discourses reflect on EU frameworks and policies, and the implications for trans persons. Carlos Zelada brought the attention to the Americas and the tensions between the big strides on gender-diversity and emerging oppositions.

More information about the past event and the speakers can be found here:

Webinar: Who is afraid of gender (diversity)?