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Interview with Bruce Mutsvairo

“When you’re teaching, it’s not just about you. It’s mostly about the students”, says Bruce Mutsvairo, professor and chair media, politics and the Global South in the department of Media and Culture Studies. In his view, discussion with others is paramount to both research and education.

Bruce Mutsavairo at University Utrecht

Mutsvairo returned to his alma mater Utrecht University last year after a career in journalism and academia, where he worked at various universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. In taking an interdisciplinary approach, he focuses on media developments in and in relation to non-Western societies.  


As Bruce is one of the speakers at the symposium organised as part of 5 years of Centre for Academic Teaching, we are highlighting the interview we did with him. You can read it here.

Interview with Bruce Mutsvairo
Bruce Mutsvairo

October = Diversity month

October is diversity month at Utrecht University. At various moments, we will enter the conversation about 'inclusive education' because everyone should feel involved and welcome at UU.

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