Watch the webinar on podcasting in science

Jonge vrouw luistert met oordopjes, Foto: Siddharth Bhogra via Unsplash

Interested in podcasting as an academic? The recording of the webinar ‘Podcasting in Science’, which was held on 14 April 2020 at Utrecht University, with the experiences of four podcast hosts and producers is now available. 

In this webinar, Bob Rietjens & Ghazaleh Dabiran (host and producer of AboutLaw), Vincent Crone (co-host of Onder Mediadoctoren) and Willem Janssen (host of Bestek – de Aanbestedingspodcast) openly discuss their milestones, struggles and practical insights into the world of podcasting. Finally, René Hendrik discusses the possibilities to podcast at Utrecht University (UU). The webinar is moderated and organised by Katharine Fortin and Willem Janssen (both UU). It was supported by the Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE) and the Legal Skills Academy of the Law Department at Utrecht University.

Some of the questions discussed more extensively in this webinar are:

  1. What are podcasts? Have a look at the brief intro by Katharine and Willem at 7:30 min about the length, possible impact and general characteristics.
  2. Why should you podcast? Teaser answer: All podcast hosts agreed that podcasting is truly a lot of fun, but their individual motives to do it were different. It poses, for instance, an opportunity for academics to discuss their research and open it up to a broader audience. It is also useful for grant applications. Have a listen at 18:00 min about Willem’s experiences on this aspect.
  3. How do you podcast? Teaser answer: recording methods varied greatly from face-to-face to online recordings through different apps. Some work better than others, but the main take away is to ensure that the sound quality of your recording is good enough. This is depicted by the room in which you are recording and the quality of the microphone. It is also one of the hurdles identified by the hosts. Have a listen to Bob’s and Ghazaleh’s comments at 46:30 min.
  4. What will be the topic of your podcast? Teaser answer: your research, your love for statistics, your experiences in the field, your teaching or your life as an academic, or anything that you have a particular interest in. Think about the structure and expected audience. Have a listen to Vincent’s thoughts on these aspects at 1:13:00 min.  
  5. When should I start? Teaser answer: if there was one thing that all podcast hosts agreed on this webinar, it was that you should just get started if you are thinking about it. You will get better each episode.
  6. What equipment do I use? What are the facilities at Utrecht University? Have a listen to Rene’s explanation about how to do it at Utrecht University at 1:37:00 min.

These, and more, questions are discussed in this webinar. If you are interested, you can watch the webinar here:

The recording of the webinar ‘Podcasting in Science’, which was held on 14 April 2020 at Utrecht University.