7 December 2018

Platform Onbeperkt Studeren is looking for buddies for students with a disability

Wanted: enthusiastic buddies!

Study spots at the Faculty of Humanities (Maarten Nauw)
Study spots at the Faculty of Humanities

Student life is challenging and requires a lot of energy. A student with a disability often experiences additional challenges. Attending classes, giving presentations or having exams: these are activities that do not always come naturally to this group of students. They could sometimes use a little help with all that.

Platform Onbeperkt Studeren founded a buddy programme that aims to assist students with a disability in solving problems they experience while studying, working, living or going out. The buddy programme is a project that connects a student with an experienced student, the buddy. The buddy has experience with a specific disability or has a disability themselves. The buddy is there to support the student, primarily in two ways:

  • Familiarising the student with the university and informing him/her individually. For instance, the buddy knows exactly whom the student can contact for specific questions;
  • Being there for the student, for example by having coffee together and talking about personal experiences and obstacles that the student encounters.


Who are we looking for and what is a buddy?

Platform Onbeperkt Studeren is looking for new enthusiastic students who want to become a buddy for students with a disability. Your role would be to meet with a student on a regular base, usually once every 1-2 weeks. You can schedule meetings with the student based on your own agenda. The student you guide has a disability. You approach and provide tips and tricks as a fellow student. You will have a say in who you would like to guide before you are matched.

You don’t have to be disabled yourself to become a buddy.


What do you get in return?

As a buddy you will gain much experience in supporting and guiding students with a disability. In addition to that, you can mean a lot for a fellow student! Several times a year, trainings and intervision sessions are given for buddies, in order to improve their knowledge. For your work as a buddy you will receive a small compensation.

Would you like become a buddy or do you want more information? Let us know via onbeperktstuderen@uu.nl.


What is a disability?

A disability is a temporary or permanent condition that can hinder a student's ability to participate in education. Some examples are dyslexia, AD(H)D, concentration problems, chronic illness, physical limitation, autism and psychological problems such as depression. All in all: everything that can chronically or temporarily hinder a student in studying without problems.


Platform Onbeperkt Studeren

Platform Onbeperkt Studeren is a platform founded by students with a disability, for students with a disability. Through the platform we try to:

  • Sharing experience and stories with each other
  • Advising the UU on the policy regarding studying with a disability
  • Providing students with information about the possibilities when studying with a disability
  • Providing students with additional guidance with our buddy program