Virtual Community-Based Research Internships for students of the Humanities

The response to the COVID19 pandemic left some students in the Faculty of the Humanities without the opportunity to complete planned internships required for their degree programs. Community-based Research for the Humanities, an education project funded by Utrechts Stimuleringsfonds Onderwijs, is helping out by coaching students in virtual community-based research internship projects that meet the same aims.


Master students are working in virtual teams of three or four students on research projects that address needs of Utrecht based organisations, English Academy for Newcomers, Taal Doet Meer and Utrecht in Dialoog. Coaches from the Community-Based Research for the Humanities team and representatives of the organisations work together to guide students in making the projects relevant for the organisations’ goals. Academic supervisors from the students’ degree programs provide  academic guidance that ensures program aims are met. The student teams are using videochat platforms to meet to discuss their research plans and progress, and when needed to conduct interviews with stakeholders.

As internship alternative, bachelor students are writing research proposals that take into account their individual interests and the needs of stakeholder organisations that they have selected themselves. Community-based research for the Humanities team member Berteke Waaldijk is guiding the bachelor students in this process via an online individualised program that makes use of materials and good practices from the course Doing community-based research in the Humanities.

For more information, contact Community-based Research for the Humanities project leader, Jocelyn Ballantyne