17 July 2019

VENI grant for Katharine Fortin

Dr. Katharine Fortin, assistant professor Public International Law and Human Rights  and member of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights of Utrecht University has received a VENI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for her research project entitled ‘Dangerous Liaisons: Civilian agency, armed groups and international law’.

Dangerous Liaisons

The project explores the precarious position of civilians living in territory under the control of armed groups in non-international armed conflict. It explores the legal risks, realities and opportunities that emerge out of the idea that civilians are not only victims of war, but also often play an active role in their own protection. The project will assist practitioners working on civilian protection and build essential bridges between political science, anthropology and international law.

This is the third year in a row that researchers from Utrecht University’s  Netherlands Institute of Human Rights have been granted a prestigious Veni grant.

The Veni is awarded by NWO every year. A total of 1,151 researchers submitted an admissible research proposal for funding. 166 of these have now been granted. The submissions were assessed by means of peer review by external experts from the disciplines concerned. In this Veni funding round, NWO is investing a total of 41,5 million euros in free and curiosity-driven research.