30 May 2018

Utrecht Young Academy releases a new podcast: The Road to Open Science

What is open science and what can it do for research? The new Road to Open Science podcast follows the path to open science through the perspective of researchers. It covers various aspects, from practicalities to policies and philosophies.

For many within the academic community the subject of open science is still unknown territory or a very unclear subject. Those who have already gained more knowledge on the topic, have very varying views when it comes to definitions and practices. Through interviews with researchers from different disciplines who share their experiences, the podcasts provide a structured source of information and hope to clear the way for more relevant and deeper discussions.

Road to Open Science Podcast

In the first episode Sascha Friesike, assistant professor at the VU in Digital Innovation and associated researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin, explains why a lot of people still hesitate to embrace open science.  
Second guest on the episode is Frank Miedema, professor of Immunology, dean and vice chairman of the board at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. He reacts on the issues that are raised in the first part of the episode and sees an important role for the management of universities and big funders to change the incentives and reward system.

Road to Open Science Podcast

Various inspiring activities will also be featured to give a broad idea of what sort of things are happening concerning open science. Listeners are invited to discuss the topics raised in the podcast via the website of the Open Science Community Utrecht, where the episodes can be found. They can also directly engage with the producers via Twitter. Follow @R2OSpodcast on twitter for links to the next episodes and all the references that are discussed in each episode.

The episodes will also be available on the podcast channels of the Utrecht Young Academy via SoundcloudStitcher, and iTunes where you can find all episodes of the Voice of UYA podcast series as well.

Additionally, Sanli Faez, member of the Utrecht Young Academy, wrote a blog for DUB about the new project. To read the blog, click here.

The Road to Open Science podcast series is an initiative of the Utrecht Young Academy, supported by the Utrecht University Library.