22 April 2019

Utrecht University to investigate Arnhem's approach to radicalisation

© iStockphoto.com/Rklfoto

By order of the Mayor of Arnhem, an interdisciplinary research team from Utrecht University will evaluate the city’s local approach to radicalisation.

The assignment is to evaluate Arnhem's local approach across the board and to make recommendations for improvements. The central question is: how did the Municipality of Arnhem and its partners jointly deploy their capacity to make a targeted, legitimate and sustainable contribution to the prevention and combating of radicalisation?  

Security in Open Societies

The research will be carried out by a team of researchers associated with socaleld hub Security in Open Societies. In a letter to the City Council the bench of Mayor and Aldermen explains why it chose to do so: "Utrecht University has a great deal of expertise in this area and has an experienced research team, with relevant specialisations: the psychology of radicalisation processes, cooperation on complex issues, the social impact of radicalisation and, moreover, the team includes experts on the resilience of society".

The research report is scheduled for completion in mid-June.