Utrecht University presents new vision on Recognition and Rewards

Open science means action. And the way we offer recognition and reward to academics and university staff is key in bringing about the transition that Utrecht University aims for. Over the course of the past year the working group on Recognition and Rewards, part of the Open Science Programme, has reflected and thoroughly debated a novel approach to ensuring that we offer room for everyone’s talent, resulting in a new vision (pdf).

The collective is our point of departure. Utrecht University believes that the accomplishments of the individual can only be judged within the broader context of the team. Assessment procedures should take into account the ambitions of the broader team, and evaluate what individuals have contributed in the respective domains of education, research and professional performance. Team spirit, combined with good academic leadership forms the basis of a new model designed to reward and recognize personal development as well as recruitment, selection and promotion of employees: the TRIPLE model.

TRIPLE Model: Team Spirit as the default approach to working in academia
Triple model

The TRIPLE model stimulates diversity in profiles and career paths. Rather than expecting excellence in all domains, individual employees are encouraged to focus and set goals in specific domains. The vantage point is life time development within the context of the goals set by the team. This frees up the possibility of setting qualitative and narrative driven goals, rather than using quantitative indicators, such as the journal impact factor, based solely in research.

In doing this Utrecht University aligns itself with the national programme on Recognition and Rewards. Over the course of this year, faculties and departments will work on shaping this vision within the realm of their respective fields. By stimulating openness in all domains and encouraging collaboration we live up to our mission of working towards a better world, doing so with an open mind, open attitude and open science.