Utrecht University hands out first microcredentials to participants Alfa4all

On Friday, January 27, Utrecht University handed out microcredentials for the first time. Over the past period, the applicability and value of microcredentials for education has been researched. This award is a festive milestone at this project.

A video to learn more about micro-credentials


The microcredential is awarded to participants of the course Lange lijnen in de literatuur at Alfa4all, a course taught by Professor of Early Modern Dutch Literature Els Stronks. Alfa4all is a joint initiative of the Humanities/Literatures faculties of Dutch universities. It offers a solution for those who would like to do a first-grade teacher training program but lack subject-specific knowledge to do so.

Additional quality certification

A microcredential shows what knowledge, competence and experience the participant has gained. It thus adds an extra certication of quality to education. This is of value inside and outside the educational institution where the course was taken. Want to know more? Then watch the knowledge clip University of Utrecht - what is a microcredential.

National pilot

Microcredentials are a relatively new development that is receiving increasing attention both nationally and internationally. Together with other universities and universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, UU is investigating in a national pilot how microcredentials contribute to making education more flexible. The pilot has not yet been completed. It is currently under review to which other UU education courses for professionals will be assigned a microcredential.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the pilot microcredentials? Contact Astrid Teunissen (a.teunissen@uu.nl) or read more about the pilot on the page below. 

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