29 August 2017

Utrecht University first university to switch to a digital student card

Students at Utrecht University will receive digital student cards for the new academic year 2017-2018. This makes the plasticized, paper student card history. Utrecht University is the first university in the Netherlands that chooses a fully digital approach to the student card. The digital student card can be found in the MyUU-app, the place where students see all their exam results and schedules.

Digitale collegekaart
The digital student card.

A digital student card is in line with the innovative and sustainable strategy of the university. Utrecht University strives to be CO2 neutral by 2030. The university wants to be a role model in sustainability by achievements and behaviour. According to Head of Student Counselling at Utrecht University Marieke de Bakker, a digital student card has many other advantages: “Students have their digital student cards always with them, they can't lose them and we save paper as well.”

Exams & digital student card

Students now primarily use their student cards for exams. From the new academic year onwards, a student card will no longer be necessary for taking an exam. At shops and catering services, students will from now on show their digital student cards via the app. Students who do not have smartphones can download their declarations of enrolment through the student-information system Osiris.

Sustainable Utrecht University

Utrecht University takes its social responsibility to contribute actively to a sustainable society in ecological, economical and social ways. By sharing scientific knowledge on the one hand, and by being an inspiring example in its operations on the other hand.