14 September 2017

Only Dutch mixed team comes out on top

Utrecht student team excels at international mathematics competition

Vijf van de zes studenten van het succesvolle Utrechtse wiskundeteam
Five of the six team members. At the back Eva van Ammers and Jeroen Huijben; in front from left to right: Djurre Tijsma, Bas Verseveldt and Jorke de Vlas

At the International Mathematics Competition for University Students, the participating team from Utrecht fought its way to finish 11th, making it once again the best-scoring team from the Netherlands. The 24th edition of the International Mathematics Competition was organised by University College London and held at the American University in Bulgaria.

The students from Utrecht came home with two gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze, as well as an honorary mention. The team, which was the only Dutch line-up with female participants, consisted of Jeroen Huijben, Djurre Tijsma (both from the Utrecht Geometry Centre honours programme for the research Master’s in Mathematical Sciences), and Mathematics Bachelor’s students Eva van Ammers, Bas Verseveldt, Jorke de Vlas and Mieke Wessel.

The students’ participation in the competition was made possible by funding from the A.F. Monna Foundation (in Dutch).

For more information about the competition, see: http://www.imc-math.org.uk