1 November 2019

Utrecht scientists in Dutch documentary series on sea-level rise

Na ons de zondvloed

Physical geographer Dr Kim Cohen and meteorologist Dr Peter Kuipers Munneke feature in the new Dutch documentary series Na ons de zondvloed. In the series, photo journalist Kadir van Lohuizen visits low-lying areas where the rising water is an urgent problem: from Bangladesh to New York, from Jakarta to Terschelling and from the Marshall Islands to Miami. Cities and areas where the rising sea-level is a daily reality.

The series has four episodes. The first addresses the Netherlands and Greenland, the second the United States, the third Bangladesh and Indonesia and the fourth Oceania and the Netherlands again. Peter Kuipers Munneke and Kim Cohen have the floor in episode 1, and Cohen also in episode 4. But, he recommends, 'episodes 2 and 3 are very good too'.