Utrecht Science Park less accessible on 20 August due to La Vuelta Holanda

On 19, 20 and 21 August 2022, the first three stages of the Tour of Spain (La Vuelta) will take place in the Netherlands. The finish of the second stage will be in the Utrecht Science Park (USP) on 20 August. Therefore the USP will be less accessible for cars.

What exactly is going to happen?

On 20 August around 17:20, the cyclists will finish on the Leuvenlaan, near the Minnaert building. The finish location must be built up and kept clear. Therefore, the Leuvenlaan and Archimedeslaan will be closed to cars from 19 August 23:00 and to bus traffic on 20 August from 15:00. The Botanical Gardens will remain open to the public during these days.

The Utrecht Science Park will remain accessible for emergency services.

I have to be in Utrecht Science Park on Saturday, what does this mean for me?

We advise everyone who has to be in the USP on Saturday 20 August to come by public transport, by bike or on foot. The tram and some buses will be running all day. For up-to-date information on your public transport journey, go to 9292.nl.

For those who do have to come by car, we recommend parking in P+R Utrecht Science Park or on the Jenalaan. The car parks at the hospitals will of course also remain open, but can only be used by patients and staff.

Please note! Some car parks are not accessible. These are: P6 Padualaan, Sorbonnelaan-noord, Princetonplein, P7 Budapestlaan and the parking strip near the Ruppert building. Furthermore, we would like to call on cyclists not to park their bicycles in the northwest cluster and on Leuvenlaan on Saturday the 20th of August. On the website of La Vuelta Holanda (Dutch only) you can find the most up-to-date info related to the accessibility of the USP.

I would like to come and watch, is that possible?

Visitors can come and watch the cycling race. They are advised to come by bike, public transport or on foot. Routing will be indicated upon arrival. Check the programme on the website of La Vuelta Holanda.

I have questions about this news, who can I contact?

For questions, please contact info@lavueltaholanda.nl