Utrecht Humanities scholars highly successful in NWO Free Competition funding programme

4 out of 10 funded projects are from Utrecht University


No less than 4 research projects from Humanities scholars from Utrecht University have received a subsidy from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) in the 'Free Competition Humanities' funding programme. The projects deal with the identity of Europe, language dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age, scientific argumentation in the Middle Ages, and emancipation and religion. NWO awarded a total of 10 project proposals in this round.

Awarded projects:

'Blueprints of Hope: Designing Post-War Europe; Ideas, Emotions, Networks and Negotiations (1930-1963)'

Researchers: Prof. Beatrice de Graaf, Dr Mathieu Segers, Prof. Peter-Ben Smit

'Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age: linguistic and social-cultural aspects of intra-author variation'

Researchers: Dr Marjo van Koppen, Dr Feike Dietz

'The Art of Reasoning: Techniques of Scientific Argumentation in the Medieval Latin West (400-1400)'

Researchers: Prof. Mariken Teeuwen, Dr Irene van Renswoude

'Beyond Religion versus Emancipation. Gender and Sexuality in Women's Conversion to Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Contemporary Western Europe'

Main applicant: Prof. Anne-Marie Korte

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