Utrecht Education Incentive Fund: five projects honoured

Impulse for innovation in academic education

To keep innovating and improving education, Utrecht University annually makes funds available for innovative projects that contribute to the development of academic education. The assessment committee of the Utrecht Education Incentive Fund (USO) has selected five projects that either focus on new innovations or explore how existing innovations can be given a permanent place at the university.

USO Innovation projects

Two interfaculty innovation grants of approximately €250,000 have been awarded to the following projects:

Promoting the reading-writing nexus: how teachers can guide students in becoming academic writers across the curriculum

This project focuses on improving reading and writing education and produces an online roadmap with evidence-based materials and interventions that teachers and students can use. And a visualisation of the  opportunities and pitfalls in the learning trajectory for academic writing. Project leader: Renske Bouwer. Participating faculties: GW, FSW, REBO, BETA, GEO.

Read more about this project in the CAT Teaching and Learning Collection.

Dedicated Days Interprofessional Education - Lois (Longitudinal Education Interprofessional Collaboration)

The aim of this project is to develop a longitudinal learning line, consisting of a number of dedicated interprofessional education days per year of the participating programmes, including programmes at the HU. During these days, students will get to know each other, value each other, and learn to work together on current topics within healthcare in different teaching formats. In the bachelor's phase, the emphasis will be on getting to know each other and each other's profession and gaining insight into the added value of the other profession. In the master phase, the emphasis is on learning to work together.  Project leader: Clara Drenth. Participating faculties: GNK, DGK, BETA.

Read more about this project in the CAT Teaching and Learning Collection.

USO consolidation projects

Three USO consolidation projects have been awarded. These projects explore whether and how innovations can be sustainably embedded at the university.

Consolidating the Inclusive Curriculum Reflection tool and the UU Inclusive Teaching Toolbox

The aim of the USO-innovation project "Developing an inclusive curriculum and learning environment" was to develop materials that support teaching staff and programme leaders in creating a more inclusive curriculum and learning environment. To support UU staff to reach this goal, the USO-project developed a methodology that consists of two steps: (1) reflection, and (2) action. To support the reflection stage, we developed the Reflection Tool and to support the action stage, we developed the UU Inclusive Teaching Toolbox. This consolidation project uses a business case to investigate how these products can be structurally embedded in the organisation. Project leader: Jennifer Gravendaal.

Sustainable embedding of the interdisciplinary and 'community engaged' course 'Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge'

In the USO innovation project TIC to TIC, the interdisciplinary and community engaged course 'thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge' was developed that targeted both UU students and professionals.  Intensive supervision and unpredictable student numbers make it challenging to include this course in the standard curriculum. This consolidation project uses a business case to investigate how this course can be structurally embedded in education. Project leaders: Lorena Sosa and Yolanda van Beek.

What is needed for embedding the interprofessional clinical reasoning and feedback course in the medical curriculum?

The Comenius project 'Interprofessional feedback in health professions education' developed the Interprofessional Clinical Reasoning & Feedback course. Both Medicine students and students from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences participate in this course, in which they become acquainted with each other's professional practices. The ambition is to transfer this course to the line organisation. This requires clarity on what is needed to structurally embed this course. This consolidation project investigates this. In doing so, this business case can serve as a model for other interprofessional education that is being developed.  Project leader: Heleen Brehler.

New USO call for proposals published

A new USO call for proposals has just been published, calling for proposals for projects of 125 k€ or 250 k€ in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Education. For more information, read the full call for proposals.