9 June 2016

A clear vision for the future makes for even better research

Utrecht-based mathematical research receives excellent assessment on all fronts

An international research commission consisting of eight Professors has assessed the quality of mathematical research on all Dutch universities over the period 2009-2014. The Mathematical Institute (MI), which is part of Utrecht University's Faculty of Science, received the highest designation of Excellent on all three criteria: research quality, social relevance and viability.

In its report, the commission is very praising when it comes to the clear and convincing strategy the institute exudes to continue to develop and the Dean's support of it. During the period that was investigated by the commission, MI was undergoing reorganisation. Despite this difficult period, the research maintained its high standard. Furthermore, the commission emphasizes the importance of "the very small, but very good and internationally well recognised group in History of Mathematics."


Aside from the excellent assessment of the three criteria, the commission has made some recommendations as well. These include the balance between the two research programmes Fundamental Mathematics (FM) and Mathematical Modelling (MM). Our taking these recommendations to heart makes for a promising future for mathematical research in Utrecht.