11 July 2018

Aletta Kraneveld and Alex Schönhuth in national project ‘MyOwnResearch’

Utilising patient experiences to obtain scientific insights faster

The national research project ‘MyOwnResearch’, including Utrecht University professors Aletta Kraneveld and Alex Schönhuth, has been awarded a grant of 2.6 million Euros. MyOwnResearch aims to obtain a better understanding of the effectiveness of ways that people suffering from a chronic disease use, attempting to improve their health. These insights can help to obtain scientific insights that benefit all patients faster. The project financing was made possible by the health fund organisation Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen and the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.

People with a chronic illness often try to find ways to live as fit and healthy as possible. However, the results of these individual journeys are hardly utilized. The MyOwnResearch project aims to change all that by developing a suitable methodological approach.

Probiotics and other supplements

MyOwnResearch will focus on the common combination of fatigue and intestinal symptoms among people who suffer from a chronic illness, and for whom treatment with probiotics and other supplements may present a potential alternative. Recently, scientists have learned a great deal about the importance of intestinal health for brain fitness and general bodily health.

Personal approach

In the study, each patient’s treatment will be customised to their own individual intestinal health. The determination of the effects is customized for each individual patient as well, because they themselves define what results they aim to achieve, such as less fatigue, less pain, and/or a better night’s sleep. This personal approach that MyOwnResearch facilitates, should improve the patients’ quality of life more rapidly.

Patients help themselves as well as their fellow sufferers

“The great thing about MyOwnResearch is that it utilises the many initiatives and experiences of the patients, so that they can help both themselves as well as other people who suffer the same symptoms”, says Prof. Nico van Meeteren, Director of the Top Sector LS&H bureau. Utrecht University professors Aletta Kraneveld (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Alexander Schönhuth (Biology) are involved in the complex analysis of the data that the patients and doctors provide, in combination with the patients’ laboratory results.

Public-private partnership

MyOwnResearch is a public-private partnership led by Amsterdam UMC as the knowledge institution and the patient foundation My Data, Our Health, MD|OG. The other partners in the project include Utrecht University, the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, Springield Nutraceuticals, the Microbiome Centre, Biovis Diagnostik, Nutricia Research, and the Holland Health Data Cooperative.

The three-year project will kick off on 1 September 2018.

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