13 June 2018

Using Yoda in a research group

Yoda (short for ‘Your data’) provides an integrated digital environment for your datasets. It has a number of features aimed to give the researcher peace of mind regarding data management.

Utrecht University has developed this data management solution as a way to store, manage, share, secure, add metadata and publish research data.

The benefits of Yoda

Prof.dr.ir. Vincent Buskens, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences on the benefits of Yoda:

“With Yoda my research group can work together on our data, manage access and we can easily and neatly archive and publish our data. These used to be separate processes, but now we avoid double work and have a safer storage for our data.In my research I examine problems in social cooperation, mainly how social structures and network relations affect this cooperation.

We have very diverse datasets: questionnaires, experimental data, data from archives. Yoda is flexible; it can easily manage and store all these different types of data.Yoda makes it easier to keep our data safely backed up. In the vault we store our raw data so that we can always go back to the original data source. This implies you cannot lose or ruin your core datasets.

Also we can easily publish our datasets from the vault. Publishing data contributes to the integrity and transparency of our research. This is required by a growing number and journals, so I am very pleased with this integrated approach that Yoda offers us.”


I am very pleased with this integrated approach that Yoda offers us.”
Vincent Buskens

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