Use I-Analyzer tool for informed voting in Dutch Elections on November 22

Would you like to gain insight into what statements politicians or parties have made on a particular subject? The Dutch Parliamentary Speeches, from 1815 to 2022, have now been added to the text search and exploration tool I-Analyzer. Developed and maintained by the CDH Research Software Lab, this open-source software is accessible to anyone interested to explore it.

With I-Analyzer, users can easily perform searches within extensive text corpora, visualize trends, and download text and metadata for further analysis.

As the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) elections are fast approaching, scheduled for November 22, 2023, I-Analyzer offers a promising resource for voters. It allows users to explore the archive of debates from both the Eerste Kamer and Tweede Kamer from their establishment in 1815 until 2022. With this tool, you can for instance investigate a specific politician’s or parties language use and visualize trends over time.

Access to I-Analyzer

Workshop Text Mining with I-Analyzer

Access the software at the I-Analyzer website and explore the People & Parliament (Netherlands) corpus for a wealth of information. Utrecht University’s staff can log in using their Solis-id, and other users have the option to create their own account.