12 December 2018

Interview with Helena Houvenaghel and Monica Jansen

Use historical insight to get better grip on current migration issues

Migrant caravans, boat refugees and tent camps with distressing circumstances have dominated the western media image for months. Due to the civil wars in Syria and the Middle East, many refugees are moving to Europe. There is regular talk of the unprecedented scale of this refugee crisis. But has Europe not been confronted with such a flow of refugees before? What can we learn by looking back at the past?

These were the questions at the conference Italian and Spanish Migrants Negotiating Transnational Identities in Argentina (1930-1976): Gender, Politics and Culture. Researchers from all over the world met in Utrecht to discuss the implications of the Italian and Spanish migration to Argentina between 1930 and 1976 and to map out what political, artistic and scientific contributions migrants have made to Argentine society.