18 November 2019

Update about extra access control in the University Library City Centre

The University Library City Centre wants to ensure a welcome stay for Utrecht University students and staff and other visitors. That is why this location will temporarily apply adjusted access control measures. 

  • After 2 p.m. you may only enter the library on presentation of a valid proof of identiy or student card.

Inconvenience from groups of youngsters

The reason for these measures are groups of young people who have been causing great inconvenience in the library and also in the Drift buildings for some time now. Unfortunately, all previous measures have had insufficient effect so far. That is why the university feels compelled to proceed with the above measures. We understand that the possible inconvenience of a stricter access control can be annoying, but we also count on everyone’s understanding. Utrecht University sets great store by a quiet and safe study environment for all students, staff and visitors.

Starting date and future process

The measures come into effect as of 11 November 2019. They are temporary. The effects of the measures will be monitored and possible structural safety measures will be examined.