University presents urban vision USP Center and East

Meeting and collaboration are key

The University's executive board approved the Urban Development Vision (dutch only) for the central and eastern parts of Utrecht Science Park (USP) . The design, which was created by Barcode Architects, presents an integrated vision of buildings and outdoor areas to be rolled out over the next 10 years, providing more space for people to gather and work together in and around buildings, bringing more life to the large and small squares between the buildings and creating a greater balance between green space and built space, pedestrians and fast-moving traffic. This vision anchors a framework for these changes – the exact details still have to be worked out. Changes will be implemented step by step, with contributions from all types of users.

Heidelberglaan becomes Centrumboulevard

The vision focuses on the central area and the cluster of buildings east of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. One of the main design concepts is the creation of a local centre. Heidelberglaan will become the main artery, linking together the iconic UU buildings in the vicinity, such as the Educatorium, the Ruppert building, the Van Unnik building and the Sterrentoren tower. The idea is to make these buildings more visible. Some older buildings will be torn down, creating open space for public squares. Each of the different squares will be given its own purpose, but all will be made into great spaces for meeting up and hanging out. The public space on Centrumboulevard will be transformed into a hub, to connect the community as a meeting place.

This vision is not a detailed plan, but a framework

The vision shows what the possibilities are for USP and how UU's spatial ambitions can be given form. It presents a framework, illustrated with inspiring images and visualisations. The urban development vision is not a fixed plan, but a framework within which future urban planners – architects and green-space designers, for example – will be challenged to create a distinctive and lively campus that fulfils the ambitions of Utrecht University.

The changes to USP will go step by step. At each step, the urban development vision will be used as a framework to safeguard the cohesion between all these separate steps. The Urban Development Vision has been drawn up by Barcode Architects, commissioned by UU's department of Real Estate and Campus (V&C).

Environmental vision

Together with the municipality of Utrecht, the University Medical Center Utrecht and Stichting USP, Utrecht Science Park is working on an environmental vision for the USP. In the environmental vision the developments for the long term (2040) are recorded and for the entire USP worked out in outline where, how many and which functions can be added. Utrecht University and the City of Utrecht are working closely together to further shape the vision of a strong knowledge cluster and lively area. The environmental vision goes through its own participatory process organized by the municipality.

We create the campus together!

The campus is being created for and by all types of users. Users' knowledge and wishes are indispensable for designing and creating well-functioning urban spaces. Therefore, we would really appreciate your input for the final detailed plan. We would like to gather that as early as possible, with as much detail as possible and with the broadest support possible. Real estate development takes a great deal of time, which is why we have divided the project into multiple tasks and issues. For each task or issue, we will look at how we can organise your input and contributions. In addition to the UU community, we will naturally be approaching other users, such as HU, UMCU, businesses and visitors.