15 June 2015

Presentation and Publication award

UIPS PhDs compete for awards

Presentation award
Photo by R.O. van Kooten

Two PhD competitions were decided on 12 June 2015. The five groups of the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences selected their best PhD presenter and the best PhD publication of 2014. During Departmental Day, five PhD candidates had to present their work in exactly seven minutes. This format is adopted from the Dutch Medicines Days, where the winner will compete for the national presentation award.

On the photograph we see Esther Zaal, Alen Sevsek, Sander van den Bogert, Mojtaba Abdul Roda and Sima Rahimian, after their presentations in the David de Wied building. The jury decided that Mojtaba Abdul Roda, a NWO Mosaic PhD candidate from the Pharmacology Division, will represent UIPS at the Dutch Medicines Days.



Publication award
Photo by R.O. van Kooten

The second PhD competition was the High Potential award 2014. The five UIPS groups put forward five articles from 2014, that they considered to have high potential to become a citation blockbuster. Winning articles from 2010 and 2011 have already obtained more than 100 citations. The photograph shows Niels Vermeer, Eleonora Corradini, Laurens Kleijn and Peter 't Hart. Tom Groot Kormelink and Luis Novo could not attend. The latter won the award with this Bioconjugate Chemistry article.