U-Collaborate in Education is working on a matching app

Utrecht University adds value to society by working together with civil society organisations and companies on solutions to complex issues. U-Collaborate in Education connects the internal educational organisation and external partners who want to shape education together and makes existing activities and initiatives visible. Currently, it is difficult for initiators of this type of education and civil society organisations and companies to find each other. Within the U-Collaborate in Education (UCE) programme, Utrecht University is working with Startup in Residence (SiR) to simplify this process.

Startup in Residence is a proven methodology that allows public institutions to flexibly enter into innovation partnerships with smaller companies, social enterprises and startups in which they create new collaborations from co-creation. Developments in Educational Technology (EdTech) have been important accelerators of innovation in education in recent decades. UCE works through co-creation with a start-up within the Startup in Residence programme as part of the EdTech zone of the acceleration plan. This programme is for colleges and universities that want to collaborate with innovative organisations on challenges within education, where educational technology is a possible solution. If you want to know more about this project, check it out here.

By the end of the first quarter of 2023, the U-Collaborate in Education programme expects to have developed an app that can more easily connect education initiators with civil society organisations, to shape education together. Until then, both as an initiator within UU and as an external partner, you can still contact UCE to find a suitable partner for your collaboration in education!

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