13 April 2017

Two lifts University Library City Centre out of order

In the University Library City Centre two lifts are closed because they do not meet legal safety standards. This causes problems for people who are dependent on lifts. The library will take measures to help these visitors the best they can.

Lifts out of order

At this moment it is not clear how long the lifts will stay out of order. The library will make every effort to make the lifts available again as soon as possible. Nevertheless the lifts are expected to stay closed for a substantial period of time.

Not all parts of the library accessible by lift

Visitors who are dependent on lifts are not able to access some parts of the library. If this means you cannot reach certain areas, please go to the service desk on the ground floor or call 030-2536115.

Library staff know exactly which parts of the library are accessible and what routes to follow. There is extra staff to help you, for instance for picking up books from inaccessible areas.

 The following areas are not accessible by lift:

  •  The basement
  •  A part of the ground floor at the Drift side
  •  Intermediate floor 1
  •  Intermediate floor 2
plattegrond bibliotheek binnenstad i.v.m. lift